About Us

Mick & Jye

Mick Byrnes has been at the front of pioneering shaping and the manufacturing Surfboards in Newcastle region for over 35 years and is about the only one with his experience that surfs regularly today.

Birth Place: Newcastle
Started Surfing: 11 years old
Home Break: Nobby’s reef
Favourite Surf Spot: Tea tree – Noosa, Indo
Years in the Industry: 35 years
Current Surfboard Quiver: Mick Byrnes Performer longboard, Xl performer shortboard



Born into the surfing life style, Jye Byrnes always knew that he wanted to shape surfboards. With his extensive knowledge and ability in the water, Jye’s main focus in surfing is a commitment to designing and producing top quality shortboards and longboards. Jye started the Jye Byrnes Surfboard label after thorough research and development of surfboard design, while surfing around the world .Jye is also qualified level 3 surfing coach, coaching all levels of surfing to help groups or individuals achieve better results in their surfing. 

Birth Place: Newcastle
Started Surfing: 5 years old
Home Break: Newcastle Beach
Favourite Surf Spot: Newy point, G-LAND,Metawais Chain,hawaii
Years in the Industry: 16 years
Current Surfboard Quiver: Stubby,J1,step up, rising sun,leather jacket